Hear the Buzz About BeeGAP


(Gardeners Adding Pollinators)


NGC members are Making a World of Difference by participating in BeeGAP.  Why BeeGAP?  Through BeeGAP and NGC’s partnership with Crown Bees, we are learning native mason bee pollination CAN supplement honey bee pollination of our gardens and commercial food crops, leading to more produce due to the nature in which mason bees pollinate.  No tidy pollen sacs for them!  It’s a full body contact sport for mason bees.  Envision a mason bee covered with pollen rather than the honey bee’s tidy pollen sacs, and you get the picture.  With bees pollinating one third of the food we eat, it’s important for us to do whatever we can to ensure the livelihood of all bees and pollinators.  By participating in BeeGAP today, we are helping ensure we can put food on our tables tomorrow knowing our Choices Matter.