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State Garden Clubs can seize the moment to “Bee a Petal Pusher” by encouraging individual clubs to combine two or more different projects or programs into one club project. The bundling of projects will double the delight and outcome to club members and communities. It is also the club’s opportunity to take advantage of the different grants, projects, and awards offered by National Garden Clubs, Inc., your State Garden Clubs and Central Region Garden Clubs, Inc.


State Garden Clubs must enter the before and after photos within a book of evidence to be judged by December 15, 2020.


A monetary award of $100.00 will be given to the State who successfully proves to “Bee a Petal Pusher” at bundling their projects. The state will collect and forward the total number of Clubs who’s completed projects were bundled using the method of two or more projects/programs into one. The winning state will be determined by the percentage of clubs participating from the total clubs recorded for their State.  Use the Central Region Award Application and the NGC General Scale of Points will be used for judging.


Various combinations of projects can be combined. Examples are listed, but not limited to those listed below:


     * Plant America grant combined with Blue Star dedication, or Ames Tools, or Habitat for 


     * National Garden Week, or Plant it Pink, or Wildflowers/Pollinators, or Flower Shows.

     * Flower Show which includes a garden walk of civic plantings by garden club members.

     * National Garden Week with speakers, garden walk or Flower Show.

     * Garden Therapy planting with nursing home residents, children’s center, youth activities 

        or using native plants.

     * Community gardens including plantings by youth and/or special needs, wildflower/

        pollinator plantings.

     * Promotional booth (a community event, fair, festival, etc.) showing what garden club 

        offers a small project, such as planting, floral design, artistic design.


As you can see, any and all combinations can make for a successful project.

Go forth, “Bee a Petal Pusher-Plant America!”


A second incentive for your clubs is a CR award of $50.00, to the Club which had the most successful project using the bundling of two or more projects or programs together. CR Awards Application must be completed following the CR awards application instructions.


Both Awards are due by December 15, 2020. Send to CR Alternate Director Joyce Bulington, 6024 S. Elm Dr., Marion, IN 46953-6124 email:

Do not ask for a signed receipt upon delivery, an e-mail response will be sent upon receiving award applications/books of evidence.