Director's Message



October 19-20 Central Region             Convention in Middlebury, IN





Central Region Director
Jodi Meyer


Theme: “Bee A Petal Pusher-Plant America”















Hello to all the Garden Club Members of the Central Region.  What a year 2020 has been so far, and it is just the end of June as I am writing this note.


So many decisions, tough decisions have been made in each State, and on the National level. The discussions, the debates and the determinations to achieve the best results took many hours by all those dedicated folks. I know the end result was successful and everyone stayed healthy and better for it.

It was very disappointing to have to cancel our Perfect Vision 2020 National Convention in Wisconsin, but it was a decision made for us (by NGC Board members) and the government limitations in the long run. Great planning for two years prior. Kitty, Lynne, Liz and the Wisconsin garden club members on the committee worked a lot of hours planning and preparing for that event. We want to THANK THEM ALL who was a part of that committee.


By now you probably have heard the Central Region convention for 2020 has been canceled. It was not looked at lightly; much thought was put into asking for the vote to cancel. Dealing with COVID-19 on a daily basis, I think that might have swayed me more than most. It is a terrible virus. Many THANKS to Joyce Bulington and her committee for all the details leading up to this point.  The town of Middlebury, Indiana would have been very welcoming to our garden club members.


I do hope your clubs, State, District and Local are coming together using the virtual conferencing methods available, whether it is Zoom, or some other source. It is a way to come together, stay connected, make future plans, and discuss the budgets, awards or whatever else is on the agendas. Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year always something to look forward to on the horizon.

Most garden club projects can and should continue, by staying safe, and mask up if not for you, think of the other person, and also social distancing.  It is amazing how for years most weeding took place all while social distancing. LOL

I have been enjoying my garden more this year, able to plant more, change things around. I hope you have been able to do the same. The NGC President Gay Austin has a video tour of her gardens on the Facebook page for NGC. If you have not viewed that yet, please do so. I think each of us should try to share their spaces as we can with others, those neighbors shut in may like a bouquet of flowers from your garden or fresh produce.


Have a Great, FUN and Safe Summer,



Happy gardening!