Director's Message



May 12-16 - 91st National Garden Club Convention

          Milwaukee, WI

October 19-20 - Central Region Convention  in 

          Middlebury, IN               

Central Region Director
Jodi Meyer


Theme: “Bee A Petal Pusher-Plant America”


Happy Fall Y’All!  I hope each of you is having a great fall season. We here in southern Indiana just finished, I hope, our last days of record breaking weather of 90 + degree weather. I am not looking forward to the winter, but I am definitely tired of the hot weather. The flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns are all suffering from the drought conditions in our area.  I am looking forward to planting fall bulbs. I love tulips and daffodils; last year I had trouble with the squirrels and the raccoons. This year I am planning on daffodils only.

I attended the NGC Fall Board meeting in St. Louis; the 90th anniversary of the NGC organizations was celebrated. The Smokey Bear 75th birthday wooden plaque was presented to NGC President Gay Austin in Washington DC.  She shared it with the group, and it will be on display at the NGC headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.  The NGC Headquarters was the location of our bus trip, and we were present for the dedication of the new garden designs and butterfly statue.

The Central Region Garden Clubs, Inc. annual convention was held in St. Louis, Missouri October 7-8, 2019. The garden club members of Missouri did a great job. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

Mark your calendar for 2020. The CR convention will be October 19-20, 2020 in Middlebury, Indiana.

The Central Region is a busy location, the NGC annual convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin May 12-16, 2020. Please attend if possible.  Each Central Region State Garden Club will be expected to assist with bag fillers and possible table host/hostess during the convention. Kitty Larkin is the chairman of this convention.

The CR Awards chairman and her team have been busy; Awards 1-12 and $525.00 in monetary awards were distributed for the 2019 awards year.

I think every club needs an Awards cheerleader; someone who knows the awards,  knows the capabilities of the club and members; then guides and encourages the submission of the awards application.

Also needed is a technical chairman. I know we still have members who do not have a smart phone, email, or computers. We also have members who have these things but are reluctant to use them. The NGC is focusing on getting rid of paper use, so more and more will be sent across the web or available online for review.

My final thought is about “Members Matter Most.” Several inserts to help increase your membership were given to all State Presidents at the fall board meeting. I do hope these items are shared either through newsletters, emails or membership programs. Boasting membership by 21% by 2021 is a current project of our NGC President Gay Austin.

Happy Fall, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy-any and All Holidays coming your way,


Jodi Meyer, Central Region Director

(812) 677-0155