Marilyn Krueger, President 2019-2021


Theme: “Plant America While Encouraging New Gardeners”


The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. is actively encouraging new gardeners!  Many children participated in the youth contests. A new club is working with us to form its organization and join GCI. Over $110,000 in scholarships was given to students pursuing degrees such as biology, environmental studies and landscape design for the 2019-20 academic year.


Landscape Design School Course III will be held March 23-24, our annual convention will be April 26-27 with NGC President Gay Austin joining us, and Environmental School Course IV will be May 18-19.  We look forward to our summer meeting in Champaign-Urbana on July 13.

We have approximately 6500 members in 146 clubs and 12 additional plant societies, arboretums or similar organizations and three Junior Garden Clubs.  We are proud to have 149 Blue Star markers throughout the state that are lovingly maintained by local garden clubs.  We “Plant America” as we encourage the use of native plants in pollinator-friendly gardens.  Many trees will be planted.  Some will honor Arbor Day; others will support the national goal for a tree to be planted for each garden club member. 


Our clubs are excitedly planning activities for spring- planting projects with children and families, garden therapy projects and gardening projects to share the bounty of the gardens with our communities.  Plant sales will be everywhere, encouraging gardeners with wonderful, tried and true or new plants while providing funds to the clubs, enabling them to provide scholarships and achieve the goals of the club.  Most of our districts are hosting Spring Meetings.

We appreciate the support of NGC by providing materials to help us increase our membership.  Most of our clubs want to increase membership and these ideas are practical and easy to put into practice. 

Thank you, Central Region, for reminding us that growing our membership is a constant activity.

The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. is looking forward to seeing you at the National convention in May and Central Region’s convention in October. 


Dates to Remember for 2020


  March 10, 2020                 District IX Annual Meeting

  March 11, 2020                 Tri-Council Annual Meeting

  March 20, 2020                 District II Annual Meeting

  March 23, 2020                  Judges Council Meeting

  March 23-24, 2020            Landscape Design School, Course III

  March 25, 2020                  District V Spring Meeting

  March 26, 2020                  District VII Spring Meeting

  April 15, 2020                     District III Spring Meeting

  April 26-27, 2020               The Garden Clubs of Illinois Annual State Convention

  May 4, 2020                        District VIII Spring Meeting

  May 18-19, 2020                Environmental School, Course IV

  June 17, 2020                      Judges Council Meeting

  June 19, 2020                      District IV Annual Meeting

  July 13, 2020                       The Garden Clubs of Illinois Summer Meeting