Betty Leverett
2019 - 2021 President

Theme: "Plant America with More Members"


Greetings from the state of Indiana.  Spring in our state has been full of rain which brings lots of green and beautiful happy plants.  Even though summer is just around the corner, the State is busy planning for fall activities, among them, hosting your Regional Meeting in October of 2020. 


With the National Theme remaining “Plant America,” this State President’s theme will reach out to a stronger population of members by stating “Plant America with More Members.”  Neighborhoods and organizations are full of interested gardeners who want to become a part of a club to further their knowledge and share their experiences.  It is our obligation to welcome them in, grow and share and “save the world.”


This includes ways to reach out to school-age children and young families who are busy beyond their wildest dreams.  As members, we have so much to give and share.  Clubs will be asked to reach beyond their comfort level, work with social media, sponsor new clubs, advertise, find ways to work with young people and strengthen retention.


This President has been a garden club member for 12 years.  As we all know, one can work their way up through the ranks very quickly in a garden club.  Starting with club Recording Secretary and landing as State President can be a very challenging and rewarding journey. I have followed in my Father’s footsteps with a love of gardening and promoting practices to help the environment and pollinators.  Those early years of retirement were soon replaced with volunteering and giving back in the best possible way, The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc.