Lynne Ehnert


2019 - 2021 Theme: 


I belong to a small but mighty garden club in the Milwaukee District, Western Acres Garden Club.  Being involved in our Club means we belong to the Club, the District, WGCF, Central Region, and National Garden Club, just like any other garden club. 


My journey was a little different in that I became involved at the National level before the local level by being the High School Essay Contest Chairman, which put me on the Youth Committee and the Awards Committee by volunteering to become the High School Essay Chairman.  Two years later the Chairman for the Youth Committee passed away and I then added the responsibility of Youth Committee Chairman also. This committee also managed the Youth Pollinator Gardens Grant Project grants.  I also have been the Courtesy Resolutions Chairman for Central Region for the past six years.  I was also a member of WGCF Central Region Life Membership Chairman and participated on WGCF Organizational Studies Committee.  As 1st Vice President, I have been involved with Strategic Planning, Finance, and Organizational Studies Committee Meetings.


At the District Level, I held the position of Recording Secretary, 2nd Vice Director, and Milwaukee District Director.  Shortly after joining a garden club, I was President of Western Acres Garden Club.  I attended Flower Show School and became an Accredited Flower Show Judge; I am Recording Secretary in Southern Wisconsin Judges Council and Treasurer for Wisconsin Judges Council.  


I still work where I travel a little and get to have input into new procedures.  I am very lucky that I have been involved and gained such great experiences.  I have gotten to know many people and hope to get to know many more.  I am looking forward to the next journey as WGCF President and am looking forward to the 2020 National Convention in Wisconsin.