Youth Awards

Youth Awards



Essay Contest Themes

2017-2018 "Community Gardens - A Solution to Blight, Crime, and Hunger”

2018-2019 "The Impact of Bottled Water on the Environment and the Water Supply"


Encourage Creative Writing

2017-2018 Theme: "Let it Grow"

2018-2019 Theme: "Pop Goes the Seed"


Club entries must be sent to YOUR State Youth (or awards chairman if you don't have a youth chairman); observe your State Deadline.

State Winners must be sent to Regional Chairman by February 1.
Regional Winners must be sent to National Chairman by March 1.


All youth entries except posters are sent to James Pavelka;

his address may be found on the members only page of this site.


2015 NGC Poster Contest

Grand Prize Winner: 5th Grade: Audrey Morga

Sponsored by West Valley Garden Club, California